From March 10

The Havengas boarded the Kosco Wednesday afternoon and arrived safely back in Honiara Wednesday night.  Shortly after they left, my friend Leku brought up my new nago ne kolkol, basically a big mortar and pestle. 

Yesterday afternoon, a teacher at Fly Harbor school (who also happens to be Chief Leonard's youngest brother) came by to peruse our beginning readers.  We're hoping to bring back lots of books for him to use with the school children learning to read English.  Since we are leaving for America soon, we went ahead and gave him the set that Katherine will be using for the next school year.

Last night, my sweet friend Ofain brought us some yummy faluk/slippery cabbage and umalau/kumara all drenched in coconut cream.  She knew that my leg is still quite infected, so she was trying to help us out.

Today, Leku came over to help us make dede, a type of cassava pudding mixed with havu, a local nut.  First, we boiled the uvikola/cassava until it was soft.  Then, we put several into the bowl and smashed them for a while.  I never could quite figure out exactly when Leku knew it was time to dump handfuls of havu into the bowl to smash along with the uvikola, but I always followed her lead.

We put the dede on the fire to cook overnight, and I plan to send it with Aaron tomorrow to Hae village to share with the translator trainees.  Ofain brought some hau/panna (another root crop) tonight.  She is so thoughtful and willing to help us out since I am still confined to lying down until my leg heals.  I'm so thankful for friends!


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