From February 14

When the kids went down to haul buckets of water, they excitedly called me to the front porch to see the way the sunlight was catching a spider and its web built on the timbers of the house.  God created so many things in which to find delight!
My kids love Valentine's Day, and so do I. We each made Valentines for each other. Sarah used watercolor pencils on canvas to create beautiful illustrations of sections of I Corinthians 13 for each of us. She gave me “Love is Patient”. I don't think it was a hint, but I sure need the reminder. Aaron's valentine for each of us was a heart shaped pancake. For lunch, I made macaroni and cheese in silicone hearts. What a treat!

We also harvested our first pumpkin of this stay in Marulaon.

Yesterday was too windy and rainy to record, but this afternoon Skita and Kiko came over and we finally finished recording the story of Jesus' birth. Both of my friends kept making comments about how pretty my flowers were, so I offered to cut the cascading runners and give them four pots with dirt and plants. I felt like it was a small way to say thank you for all of the time and energy these two ladies have given toward the Bible story project. They wanted a mix of the red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange flowers, so I cut some from every pot and helped them carry their new pots of flowers back to their houses.


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