From March 31

Yesterday, after penance, Margaret was supposed to come up and help me transcribe one of the videos I took in Hae.  I finally went down and found her sister, Rebekah.  Rebekah told me that Margaret had gone up to give some custom medicine to Ofain and would be over as soon as she could.  That's one of the things I love, love, love about this culture.  If a friend or family member needs you, you always take the time to help.  Relationships are so important here.  I didn't mind waiting for Margaret, and my friend Ofain got helped, too!

Walter, one of our catechists, told us to stay home tonight from church!  He wanted to come over to our house and give us our own service.  So, he and Hiva came over in the pouring rain after Evening Prayer was finished, and we enjoyed our own private service on the porch.  Sarah and I read the scripture readings in English, but the rest of the service was in Lavukaleve.  We couldn't hide behind our neighbors' voices last night.

This morning after market, I took some clothes down to share with Group One before I began to take family photos.  My neighbors did a great job of holding up clothes and matching up people with the clothes to fit best. 

While I was taking pictures, Benjamin came down to tell me that Kiko was waiting for me at the house.  We are still working on transcribing some videos.  The pictures for the story of Jesus' birth are finally finished, so I need to scan them and print out a booklet.  Two stories now in booklet and recording - yay!


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