From March 13

Aaron left for Hae on Sunday afternoon, and we've been praying that my leg would heal fast enough for the rest of the family to join him.

Yesterday, Katherine came home with a head full of lice.  Obviously, the little critters must have been there for some time, but today it was bad enough that her friends noticed.  Sitting and picking lice of each other's hair is a common activity among the women and girls.  Thankfully, Kiko and her sister Daisy stopped by just after I had bathed Katherine and used lice shampoo, so we all worked together to clean her up!  Visiting with two of my friends was SO nice.  I haven't been out of the house in two weeks.  I did go downstairs for the Havengas goodbye party, but other than that, I haven't been to church or walked around to my neighbors' houses at all. 

This morning, I had several requests for pain meds.  Each time, I got to visit a little bit with each woman who came.  Delightful!  Leku and Naris came to check on me and to get some meds.  I asked them to help me harvest some umalau/kumara as well as some faluk/slippery cabbage to take to Hae village with us.  We have decided that I can manage with a little help, so the rest of the family will be joining Aaron in just a few hours!


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