Aaron drove down to the wharf yesterday afternoon to pick up Ezekiel, one of our Lavukal translators.  One of my dear friends, Ofain, also came in with her sister.  Ofain needs to go to the hospital for some medical needs.  Aaron took the two sisters to their brother's house, then he brought Ezekiel up to the SITAG where the two of them worked in SITAG's computer room for several hours on this...

the Lavukal Picture Dictionary.  This dictionary is the result of several years of work across many communities in the Russell Islands.  We hope that the dictionary aids literacy and also help retain words which might be phasing out of the language.

Today, they've worked on more picture books to encourage and familiarize the Lavukal with reading their own language.  When these books are finished, twenty-four picture books will be in Lavukaleve!  Aaron has also taken Ezekiel to two different printers in town and handed the work over to him with the hopes that the progress won't stop while we are on furlough.

While the guys were working at SITAG, Katherine and I drove off to find Ofain and her sister.  Without specific directions, we took over an hour to find the right house.  Thankfully, people in the Solomons are super friendly and helpful!  When we found the house, we learned that the sisters had already left for the hospital, so we turned around to head back to find them.  They found us before we found them, and we ended up taking them back to their brother's house with a promise to meet them at the hospital at 8:00 tomorrow morning.


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