From April 3

Today was the day to take down the solar panels.  When we put them up three years ago, we had lots of help, and we had lots of help again today.  Knowing how to climb a coconut tree and perch on top came in handy for these guys.

While they worked, the kids gathered round and created quite an audience.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was trying to finish up the last of the family photos, and I found my friend Sylvester cooking hote/shellfish.  Hote means stuck, and these little guys stick to the sides of rocks.  They have "hair" all along the edge of their oblong bodies, and Sylvester was just pouring boiling water over them and stirring to remove the hair.  Later, she will pop off their armadillo like armor, remove the innards, and make a stew for the visiting catechists.

Saying goodbye to friends has been another focus today.  Benjamin and his friend, Jordan...

and Olivia with her buddies, sisters Jayli and Losma.  By the way, Olivia and Losma are the same age!  No wonder people in the village can hardly believe Olivia is only eight years old.


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