From April 2

Oh, I had to finish giving away my flowers today.  My African violet flourished on the porch this time.  I took it to Kiko as a thank you for her friendship.

Olivia has really enjoyed helping with the babies in Marulaon, and this afternoon, she watch Translyn under our house while we packed up.

Our neighbors asked if they could throw us a farewell party, but we asked if they would consider changing it to a "going back to school" party for Aaron.  They are concerned that we won't come back, and we keep trying to reassure them that, unless God changes the program, we will be back next year.

Aaron and Chariman Hensy

So, they began trickling in around eight o'clock.  We were honored at how many people showed up and crowded underneath our house.  The weather has been really rough the last couple of days, so fishing has been impossible.  Somebody splurged and bought canned tuna just so we would have some fish to eat.


I knew the speeches would be hard, but when Hensy announced that I would be the last speaker I just about lost it.  I still cried when it was my turn to speak.  I wish I could have made the speech in Lavukaleve, but Pijin just had to be okay tonight.  After I thanked the ladies for their friendship and cooking lessons and patience with learning their language, I told them that I would have to come back because I was leaving my heart in Marulaon.


Abi's Blog said…
Your comment about leaving your heart in Marulaon was exactly what Maeva said about Uruguay. I smiled when you mentioned giving away your flowers. I have 2 pretty (full of blooms) geraniums out by my swing and H. and my nephew decided to trim them - they used all of my leftover potting soil, found some pots, clipped the blooms and "planted" them for their mothers. :) of course E ran in to tell on them and Ethan cried because he didn't have a pot for his mother's. Fun Sunday lunch!

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