From February 23

Aaron was supposed to go spearfishing last night, but Hensi came by to tell him that the guys weren't leaving until late. Then, they were going to spend the night on a different island and fish all night. Hensi promised that they would bring back enough fish for our family to cook and bring to the celebration on Friday.

Marulaon expects many guests, and our village divides into three groups to provide for visitors. We are part of group two, so tonight, I will fix a big pot of eggplant mixed with noodles and tinned tuna as my contribution. Aaron plans to attend the singing and dancing after the evening meal for the visitors, but the rest of us will come home and go to bed.

Sarah has finally figured out a way to keep track of the sun's movements with having the paper constantly moved or mopped. She is using small pieces of colored paper and then taping over them to protect them and fix them into place. We are having so much fun with this project!


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