From March 25

Our friend, Cynthia, arrived on the Kosco yesterday afternoon.  She is coming to help us get the Sabers up and running.  We've been having so many problems with them.

What an adventurous woman she is to brave the ride on the ship and live in close quarters with our family for a few days.

Today, I gave her a tour of the village and introduced her to some of our friends here in Marulaon.  Kiko is one of my favorite people - hardworking and honest and always ready for a laugh.

Kiko's great-nephew had been experiencing abdominal pain, so Barnabas came over to prepare some custom medicine.  God made so many leaves that have curative properties.  Our family has received benefits from several of the leaves that grow around here, thanks to the help of our friends. 

Barnabas smashed up some leaves, soaked them in water, and strained the mixture.  Then, he spooned it into baby Jude's mouth and massaged his belly.


Later in the day, Cynthia and I played the recordings on the Saber for Margaret, who helped with the back translation of the creation story.  Margaret's daughter, Mary was really sick, so after Margaret listened to the recordings, we took some cold water to Mary to help cool her down.  Then we played the recordings for more of the women who had helped to craft the story.  I'm really pleased with the final booklet, and the ladies seem to be reading along really well.  Six months of hard work, and we finally have our first booklet and recording completed!


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