From January 31

The rain and wind are blowing so hard we had to cancel Skita and Kiko coming to record the story of Jesus's birth. I love the cooler temperatures and the sound of the rain.

This morning, Aaron went down to find a canoe to take him out to the Bikoi. When he went out to the Bikoi over the weekend, he couldn't find one of the bags, so he had to go look for it this morning. He left somewhere between nine and ten and didn't come back until after noon. I couldn't figure out why he'd been gone so long until he gave us the story of his morning. When he had gone down, he found a canoe and a couple of guys getting ready to go, so Aaron just hopped in the canoe with them. They told him that they were headed to Karumalun, so he joined them and went to talk with Ezekiel. He'd been meaning to somehow make his way over to Ezekiel's anyway, and since we don't have a canoe right now, the timing was perfect. The canoe left Karumalun just in time to catch the Bikoi, so Aaron hopped aboard and found our bag. The label had come off, so nobody knew where the bag belonged. We were so happy to get all of the books that the translators had prepared in Lavukaleve.


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