From March 16

The rest of the family just left the house to go do penance with the community. My leg gets better every day, but I still can't be on my feet very long before my ankle starts to swell and my one remaining sore starts hurting. As a result, I'm sitting at home with my leg propped up listening to the sounds of bush knives on every side of the house. Evidently, our friends have decided that our ground needs weeding, so the whole community is chipping in to clean up our yard while they ponder their sinfulness in silence. How humbling. I'm close to tears as I look through the window and see my friend Daisy weeding between the pineapples by my kitchen, probably scratching her hands in the process. I can smell the dirt being churned up by the knives, I love the smell of the earth. God put our family in exactly the right place, Marulaon feels like home.


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