From March 22

Several of the ladies have been asking me to teach them (again) how to make banana cake.  So I made extra copies of the recipe in Lavukaleve, and my friend Kiko taught them while I watched.  She is a great cook of all different kinds of foods.  Today's session was for half of the village, and tomorrow, I'll do another session on the other side of the village.

I brought all of the ingredients, and I took a video of Kiko teaching.  I was amazed at the end when the ladies thought I would take home all of the food!  They were pleased to learn that it was all for them.  The cake took a long time to cook over the fire, we think that the pan was too tall for the heat on top to cook properly.  Every time we cook banana cake, we learn a little bit more about what works best.


When I returned home around lunch time, I found Aaron and Ezekiel working on the porch, and Katherine was supervising the meeting from the ila/hammock.  Ezekiel is so great to make the effort to paddle over to Marulaon. 


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