From February 2

Lots more wind and rain today, no still no recording with Kiko and Skita. After school, Sarah played SkipBo under the house with quite a few kids watching. I came down to plant back the faluk/slippery cabbage in the beds we used for Chinese cabbage last time we were in Marulaon. No more Chinese cabbage will be going in that bed until we get back at the end of 2013, but our neighbors can enjoy the hassle-free greens while we are back in the States.
When the kids came in from playing, Sarah told us that one of her friends, Rose, was unwilling to go down and play with the other kids because a man who practices magic had just come back. The kids usually play in the open area next to his house and Rose didn't want to be near his house. This is the same man we've received warning about in the past. Rose said that some of his magic looks like a flying fox.


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