From January 25

Our alarm clock had just gone off at five when we heard the chugga-chugga-chugga of the Kosko come around the corner of our island. The ship turned on its lights and blared its music so nobody would miss catching the ship. It stayed about forty-five minutes loading and unloading, then it headed off toward Yandina. My friends had already told me that the ship came early in the morning last week. If it keeps this schedule until April, we may be taking the Bikoi back to Honiara!
After I finished morning chores, I sent Aaron to whack the community bell once to signal the beginning of my meeting with five ladies from Marulaon and one lady from Karumalun. These ladies are so great! They are willing to give me their time and their energy to learn their language and their way of thinking. We spent of couple of hours eating popcorn and editing the story of Jesus' birth, and I showed them the Saber. They seem to be really excited about using the Saber. I asked them about crafting another story soon, and they asked for a small break before resuming again in February. The next few weeks will be really busy around here with lots of visitors.
This is the first day of full sun we've had in a while, and our batteries are much happier now that they have a full charge. The batteries were low enough last night that we tried not to use any electricity after it got dark.


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