From March 1

John walked with Chief Leonard to Fly Harbour School today for the work day. Aaron stayed home to do all of my jobs. I'm grateful that I have a husband who not only knows how to teach school, do laundry and cook, but one who is also happy to do those things while I recover. The Havengas have been troopers and jumped in to help since I'm stuck in bed. John has hauled bucket after bucket of water, and Lori has jumped into the head chef role (with Sarah as her sous chef). 

Lori is a great cook and a huge blessing to me. As manager of the Choate Bed and Breakfast, I didn't anticipate handing over all of my job responsibilities to my guests.

Thanks to the Havengas for their pictures and their impressions of the school work day.

John and Chief Leonard walking to the other end of the island toward the school.

the new classroom under construction

time for a break (can you see everybody resting underneath the classroom?)

the completed new classroom

the work crew poses for a picture outside the new classroom

cousins Chairman Hensi and Chief Leonard on the motor canoe ride home


Oh, Joanna, this is so much fun to read through!

Except for the malaria and the cellulitis - yikes! You know that (Andy?) from Honiara had posted that on your blog, so we could pray for you - it looks painful!

But so much beauty in the islands - the plants, the landscape, and the PEOPLE.

us5 said…
thank you, Joanna, for giving us these windows into the world God called you to. i love to see how He gave you grace for each moment, strength for the work, love for the people around you, and just the right provision when you needed it. this is a faithbuilder for me...reading through your newest entries!

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