From January 20

We are having fun with Katherine and her “Winter” unit. She has no idea what is in store for her when we return to the States. Changing seasons is one of the things I miss the most. She and Sarah painted with ice cubes today and we've all enjoyed reading books about snow and winter with her.

Here in Marulaon, we have the cutest little yellow birds. Shortly after we arrived in Marulaon almost three years ago, Chief Leonard told us a custom story about the birds, and Aaron recorded it. We've had several playing the molokita/orange tree beside our house lately. They offer a great break from doing math!

After school, Sarah and I worked together to make a small book for Ofain's family. Earlier this week, I had asked her to tell me about her day, and I also asked her granddaughters, Soima and Bernadine.

Today, I combined their stories. I wrote the text on top of a small piece of paper, and Sarah illustrated them.

Then, Aaron and I used contact paper to “laminate” them, and I fastened them together with a brad in the corner. It was my thank you gift to Ofain's family. They are sweet with their time and energy to help us with language learning and to keep our yard looking nice while we are gone.


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