From March 3

Saturday means market day in Marulaon.  Our precious neighbors only hold a market when we are around.  We are so thankful for them and for the fruits and veggies they bring to help keep our bodies healthy.  Can you see the little gathering at the bottom of the hill?

Here's the view from the market looking up the hill.

John and Lori practiced their Pijin while shopping at our cute little market.

Then we began to show John and Lori how to make lelenga/cassava pudding.

Scraping uvikola/cassava while trying to avoid scraping your fingers can be challenging.

With Aaron scraping and squeezing coconut, we soon had all of the ingredients ready to assemble in the banana leaf lined tray.

And I was a very good girl and kept my foot up the whole time!

The kids made their own motu to cook kino/cutnut,

while Aaron taught John and Lori how to prepare the fire and stones for our lelenga/cassava pudding.

It will stay this way until tomorrow morning after church, then we get to enjoy eating and sharing the fruits of our labor!


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