From February 12

Just a few things for thich I'm thanking the Lord today:

-plenty of bananas from market yesterday

-the loan of Naomi's camera (again) until we can get a new battery charger for our camera

-nine, count 'em, nine parcels of fish that showed up at our door today after church, all from different families in our village (I forsee some tuna salad in the near future!)

-Kosko and the friends at SITAG who are willing to send us the things we need

-babies peeing on me, because it means that they and their moms are comfortable enough to let me walk around holding the precious children of Marulaon


LISA said…
Just you cook your fresh tuna and then make tuna salad?
Your making me hungry for tuna, but mine will resemble cat food rather than fresh caught fish.

Counting down to furlough ~ it's getting very close.
How long will you all be in the states?

Enjoying you daily posts.
Choate Family said…
Usually when people bring us fish, it has already been "motued" - cooked under hot stones until it is fairly dry. Cooking the fish this way helps it to stay good longer.

We will be in the States for over a year so Aaron can finish his MA in Linguistics. Look for us to swing through Central Florida at some point :-)


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