From January 23

When we woke up, the stars were unusually bright. The last several days it has rained in the hours preceding dawn and into the morning. With the clear day, I decided to wash a couple of sets of sheets, which meant some extra buckets needed to be hauled up to the house from the rain tank. Shortly after breakfast, we had a couple of visitors asking for banana cake for a relative of theirs. Their brother, Oliver, wanted to send his kids off to school with a nice meal, so he requested lots of banana cake. We had no bananas, so he sent some over, and the cooking began amongst the morning chores.

I hung the first load of laundry while Olivia read to me about Alexander the Great and a couple of girls from Marulaon listened in.

One of the girls wanted a band-aid, so when I went back up to the house to grab the second load, I also grabbed our band-aid bag. I came down to hang the second load of laundry and found the two Margarets at the bottom of our stairs. They wanted to talk about the Bible story meetings this week and they wanted some sugar, too. I gave one of them a plant I bought in Honiara, as well. We visited for a few minutes longer, then I finished hanging out that load of clothes. The sun lasted long enough to dry the third load, and I was able to bring in the clothes after lunch. 

Aaron spent most of the day going back and forth to the Point helping some friends with a new computer and sharing some of our rain tank hardware. Because of our slow start with visitors, school took a little bit longer, but all of the kids were out by 3 o'clock. I decided that today would be my cocoon day, I try to give myself one day a week where I don't go out to visit and practice Lavukaleve. After a busy weekend, and knowing that the next few days will be busy, I needed some still and quiet time.


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