From March 5

Sure enough, Grace brought the squid this morning.  We were all fascinated to watch their bodies continue to change color and "sparkle" even though she had already cleaned them for us.

This morning, the men of Marulaon came together to work on the church.

They are trying to finish the ceiling on the men's side.  Currently, the guys can look up straight to the tin roof, but the ladies have a finished wooden ceiling.  Guess which side is hotter?


We sent a message over to the church for Aaron and John to come home for lunch.  Today is John's birthday, and we cooked the squid in addition to some other goodies.  The grand finale was brownies that were still so warm that the candles all melted and fell over.


After lunch, Benjamin and Sarah climbed up into the kino/cutnut tree in our front yard to knock down a snack to share with the village kids.

They were REALLY high, but they worked together and utilized the rake to bring in quite a harvest.


Jolene said…
I am loving reading all your updates! I know I'm missing some of them but the ones I do get a chance to catch are fascinating! Hope your all doing well right now. What is your plan/schedule for right now? How long do you stay? When do you head back?
LOVE the warm brownies! Undercooked and gooey is how we love them... especially still warm :D

Oh, I'm cracking up about the ceiling at church... too bad they don't just leave it open, so the heat can rise.

What are cutnuts?

Wow! I had no idea that squid would continue to change color after they're dead! That must be fascinating to watch!

Choate Family said…
We leave the Solomons May 1 (it's really April 30 in the States) and arrive in Orlando on May 2. We'll be in the States for a little over a year for Aaron to finish his MA.

Cutnuts are a big kind of nut in a hard husk. I've never tasted anything like it in the States. The best way to open a cutnut is to take a big bush knife and cut the nut in half so you can remove the edible part from the middle. We've experienced numerous needs for bandaids during this process!


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