From March 24

In the mystery of love, as God planned it, "no one can ever figure out who is doing the giving and who the receiving," writes Thomas Howard.  Real lovers "know that giving and receiving are a splendid and hilarious paradox in which, lo, the giving becomes receiving, the receiving giving until any efforts to sort it out collapse in merriment or adoration."
~Ben Patterson

Twenty-two years ago today, Aaron reached over in a dark movie theater and held my hand for the first time.  I'm still happy to hold his hand through our adventures, and to collapse in merriment and adoration with him.  Happy hand-holding-versary, dear husband!


Nahna said…
I well remember that day as glad you are still hand-holding and loving each other.
Happy Anniversary... of sorts ;D

I love all the pictures from the villages, especially the Katherine-size ila!

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Anonymous said…
Is that Stetson University dorm furniture in that photo - or, perhaps, the BSU? Memories! Congratulations, you two, on your wedding anniversary. We rejoice with you!
Jayla Paulk
Choate Family said…
We were leaders for a youth retreat for Stetson Baptist Church. Such great memories from those years - and I'm glad you are part of them :-)
Nathan Williams said…
I missed this post ... can't believe it's been 22 years. Even as a kid, I always cherished the relationship that Aaron not only made with you, but our family. I am very proud to call him my brother.

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