From January 30

The day started cloudy, so I went to find Nancy and Janet to tell them to come if the rain and wind held off. Eventually, the weather let up enough for us to make the recording. I was so excited! The ladies read so well, and I'm so thankful they are willing to give their time. They snacked on banana cake and coffee during the cloudbursts. When they got ready to leave, they asked for laundry powder, so I filled two quart sized ziplock bags for them, hoping it was enough. They explained that with all of the rain we've had lately, they've had extra clothes to wash with the kids getting so dirty. When I brought the bags out to the porch, they both exclaimed, “Vutiv!” (so much), and I was thankful I had filled the bags up. Laundry soap is an expensive luxury here.

While we made the recordings, Eta came and built more fences around my faluk/slippery cabbage. After the drunken stomping Friday night, and after watching kids just walk through my greens, I wanted a little bit extra something to deter traffic. Eta agreed that a fence would be just fine, so she worked for a couple of hours cutting bamboo poles and tying them into place. Before Janet and Nancy came, I helped Eta dig with the pickax to soften the ground and to remove some roots. When the rain really started pouring, though, she shooed me back to the house before I got wetter. Katherine stayed down the whole time and had a blast helping Eta and getting soaked.


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