From March 2

Today started with green eggs and ham to celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday, then proceeded to an hour of silent penance (which we observe every Friday during Lent).  The community worked to clean up the clinic and nurse's house.  Needless to stay, I stayed home and elevated my leg while the others weeded.

Then, we switched from digging in the dirt for penance to digging in the dirt in our garden.


Little D helped one of the aunties harvest our umalau/kumara.

We were so thankful that a bunch of the young ladies from Marulaon came to help harvest the last of the uvikola/cassava. 

John got a lesson in how to yank the long uvikola/cassava roots up without breaking them.

Then everybody headed back home carrying something.


Our friend Kiko loaned us her nago and kolkol and helped us make pisu from our uvikola/cassava.


Even though our day was busy, we found time to enjoy some Dr. Suess books.  One of our family's favorites is "Bartholomew and the Oobleck".  The kids hands were green all day long from the "oobleck" we made!


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