First of all, I just want to publicly thank Andy for the great job he did updating the blog and reading and responding to our e-mails over the radio while we were in Marulaon.  He spent many extra hours helping us stay in touch! 

All of your prayers made such a huge difference during our stay in the village.  Obviously, I didn't expect to get malaria or an infection in my leg that would keep me in the house for three weeks, but we could tell that the last three months have been bathed in prayer.  I appreciate all of you who continued to send e-mails.  Our radio connection with Honiara was full of static, and most days we had to yell into the microphone and spell things out to Andy.  The frustration level was high!  But hearing e-mails from people encouraged us so much and helped us feel like we weren't alone.

Our computer that has all of my pictures and blog posts is giving us some problems right now, so I'm going to focus on unpacking right now and catching up on e-mail.  Look for blog to update soon...


The dB family said…
Thankful to read you are back safely! I've been thinking of you lots lately. It will be so good to "chat" again :o)!

Blessings and HUGS!!

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