Honiara Woman's Daybook

For Today...Monday, April 9

Outside my window...it's still mostly dark, but clouds are piled up above the Gela islands and a red streak runs across the top of them.  It's beautiful!  I tried to take pictures, but my camera keeps focusing on the window screen.

I am thinking...about the car seat regulations in the States and the need to make sure we comply.

From the learning rooms...we're finished with the school year!  I'm so proud of my kids for all of their hard work to finish before we left the village.

I am thankful for...my leg being healthy enough for me to participate in the fun run this morning 

From the kitchen...SITAG brunch this morning and lasagna tonight for supper

I am wearing...shorts and a t-shirt for the fun run.  After being out in the village where ladies only wear skirts, I feel almost naked wearing shorts!

I am hoping...and praying that God provides a house for us in Arkansas VERY SOON!  We would love for the house to be near one of the colleges so Aaron and I could walk to a practice room with our cellos.  Sarah is praying for two bathrooms, too.
I am hearing...the roosters crowing and the crickets chirping

Around the house...my yummy candle made in our home state of Arkansas

I am pondering these words..."Knowing all that God promises to be for us in Christ both now and for endless ages to come, with ever increasing joy, frees us from the compulsion that we must avoid pain and maximize comfort in this world."  John Piper

One of my favorite things...my new mug from my friend, Ava

I am learning...from my friend Joy's blog.  She is processing through culture shock in America after spending three years in Papua New Guinea.

I am looking forward to...drinking milk out of a jug instead of reconstituted from powder.  But I'm especially thankful for powdered milk which keeps so well in the village.

Noticing that...deworming meds that taste like chocolate make the whole process easier!

A few plans for the rest of the week...SITAG brunch this morning, Benjamin and I participating in another 5K fun run at the same time, another session with the Larsens this morning (whew!  busy day), beginning to sort and pack for the States, two birthday celebrations with SITAG families on consecutive nights, another session with the Larsens on Thursday morning, meeting with the SITAG director for our annual review and our village debrief towards the end of the week, team meeting on Wednesday afternoon, and a meeting with the Larsens for just Aaron and me with the time yet to be determined.  I really don't like to be this busy!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...I've snuck back to this post to include a picture of me and my exercise buddy in the fun run this morning coming up the big hill along with thousands of other people!  Can you see us?


Jennifer said…
So enjoyed this daybook, Joanna, as I'm enjoying catching up on your blog lately! Are you looking for a place in Central AR? Or elsewhere in the state? We're in Fort Smith, and I might have a lead or two here if that would help...
Choate Family said…
We're hoping to stay in Conway, since that is where most of our extended family lives. But we'll take any leads we can get - thanks!

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