From February 8

Last night, one of our neighbors came to our door to tell us that Aaron had borrowed a cell phone and called them.  He requested that we give some petrol to the driver of a motor canoe first thing this morning so the canoe could come pick them up.  As soon as the bell for morning prayer rang, I lugged the petrol down the hill in hopes that Aaron would make it back from his workshop early today!

While in Honiara, one of our SITAG friends gave us a great poster of fish in the area.  For language learning today, I took the poster and walked around the village asking the names of each of the fish in Lavukaleve.  Red Snapper has no other name besides "snappa" - I found that fascinating.  I also learned how to ask "What's your favorite fish?"  The Lavukal don't use a word for favorite, they use the word for "think high" or "praise", the same word they use for praising God.

I went to check on the kids and found them motuing kino/cutnut while their friends' dad worked on making a canoe beside them.  They played, and I worked on my fish poster until we saw a tiny motor canoe far out in the distance heading toward Marulaon.  Sure enough, it was Aaron coming back home to us.  So nice to have our whole family together again.


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